Is the Boeing 757 considered a wide bodied aircraft?

I would like to know if 757s are wide body aircraft. I’ve flown on a 757 and the seat configuration was 3-3 but does that mean 757s are wide body’s to ATC?


It’s a narrow-body aircraft.


The B757 is a narrow body aircraft, however it’s counted as a heavy because of it’s maximum take off weight (I think).


It’s considered a heavy because of the wake vortexs it makes. You need additional separation like a heavy.


Thanks for the information

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It’s like the A321. The largest narrow body plane there is.

The 757 is a narrow-body but with the performance from a larger aircraft 767

It only has 1 aisle, so it’s a narrow body

Oh yeah but with 767 performance

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Most A320s and 737s are also 3-3 in economy, and they’re not considered wide-bodies… the reason ATC calls them heavies is the wake turbulence and vortexes that they produce on take-off. That’s also why the A321, while also one of the largest narrow-bodies, isn’t a heavy because it doesn’t produce as much vortex. The classification of a heavy is an aircraft with an MTOW of 300,000lb+ (the 757 is at ~255,000lb), putting all “true” widebodies at heavy status (767s have MTOWs around 450,000lb), but the 757 is just so overpowered it has all the awesomeness of a widebody.

Fun fact: Apparently the A300B1 with an MTOW of 291,000lb is the only wide-body that isn’t a heavy.


Yeah the A300B1 was built for use in very dense short hauls eg LHR-CDG but seems Air France prefered frequencies more

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