Is the blue angel VA still here?

I have heard about it, but I could never find it. Could someone help me find it?

I don’t think it ever got approved by the IFVARB.

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I would recommend taking a look at #live:va

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nope, didn’t find anything

It’s probably won’t get approved by the ifvarb since I believe the CEO doesn’t have the correct trust level to become a CEO

Do you mean the IFAE-GAF?

If it’s not here

Or here

Then no they are not around or planning to be a VA anytime soon


I had a blue Angel’s virtual on facebook. Still need staff and tl2 to register it tho.

could you send me some link? I might join you guys.

Yeah I havent been active much but have some SERIOUS staffing issues

One cannot advertise there Va unless approved by the IFVARB board and have gone through the proper screening process