Is the B787-9 worth it?

To the people who fly and have a 787-8 in IF:

Is the 787-9 worth the money?


definitely worth
the plane’s a bargain imo


Next time try looking around the forum more…


Next time realize he is asking for people’s opnions on if it’s worth it not the specs and improvements of the aircraft 😉


If you saw the original post he rephrased his question ;)

Yeah yeah 😜

Can someone list for me which paid airlines have an interactive cockpit with light up at night flying?

None of have an interactive cockpit

I meant like the same cockpit as the B737 free and the B747 free

Nope it’s not worth the money, it’s so boring to fly it and I’ve flown the 787 twice

Is this sarcasm? if not, I do not know what to say to you that would not be offensive, so I will say nothing more.


Definitely not flown it twice haha, just that I don’t like it both real life and in IF.

I got the 787-8 because it has Jetstar and the 787-9 because it has Qantas. Both are excellent!

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Yes it is, beautiful cockpit, and wing flex is amazing.

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Why would say something offensive yeah the devs put in lots of hard work and effort but if someone chooses not to like the plane your gonna say something offensive seriously ?

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Yes it is worth the money and its a very detailed aircraft that is vey enjoyable to fly.

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It’s the way he worded his statement, that I found disturbing. Granted, what I said may not have been necessary, but…

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Really good plane. Fun to fly.

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