Is the autopilot of the a321 still unstable?

I’d really like to fly it again but just can’t stand the oscillation and bobbing issue associated with the a320 fam, particularly the a321. Is it still giving anyone problems? Im not tryna to set up a flight only to rage quit

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Stay below FL290 and hand fly it…that’s one way to do it

I’m not sure it’s worth quitting over but I have seen the issue mainly on an ILS approach. Unfortunately, the issue remains with the 21.1 update.

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Well I am currently in a flight from KLAX-KJFK in an A321 at 35000ft and my device is at home as im at school. Ill let you know how my flight went when I get home

Yeah, the A321 Autopilot is kinda unstable…

No, this is not a complete sentence.

Of corse it’s unstable! When I want to have a flight on the A321 and I put one the auto pilot, I can’t lie my plane’s wing turned into a bird wing :(

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The weird thing is I have never had an issue with the A321 physics and autopilot bar the takeoff rotation sometimes feeling a little too harsh…

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