Is the ATC playground server down?

I can’t seem to get the ATC to work in the playground server today. It’s been a frustrating for about four solid hours now. Every time I spawn in I just get obs. Might be an update in the wind…

No. It just means someone is already on the frequency you are trying to get on. Hence ‘Obs’ which means Observer ((:

I’m afraid not. Not today, and not for four hours. I even tested it on completely obscure airports, same thing.

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Try yourself? I just deleted the app, restored it and same thing. No ATC access. And no uploads. See if you can get in and send some screen shots. Any airport.

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but look at the tower stats, it says it has been active for 6 hrs, thats not right.

am there now… nobody else… that tower is a dead tower. Actual C17 isn’t there. the whole server is DEAD!!!

I have no access to the Playground server.
Connection status remains orange.

can only guess they are updating the servers for a new release. I mean it stands to reason right? I’m in Japan so I had a whole day of it… Most of you guys would have been asleep. Now I’m fairly sure there is an update just around the corner.

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I am also having lots of trouble being ATC

Im also having trouble with atc on playground server today. I selected Palm Springs tower and ground and it came up with some random letters and numbers at the top of my screen. No one else was on the tower as it didnt say obs it just said … and i went back to the menu and it said i was just on the tower and ground. Someone please help.

image its also happened on Canberra ground and tower.

Check your connection, it should some probs

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That’s the weather report of the airport you’re at, also called METAR.
Those are not random rumbers

This Tutorial helps you to read it:


It’s happening because then you know the weather of the airport which is very vital. If the winds are too high for aircraft to land on, you can’t accept inbound traffic due to the winds (just an example)

But read what @BavariaAVIATION said.

Sorry i meant why i cant controll and why that isan’t working. I just unplugged my wifi and plugged it back in and now i can control, thanks though for your help

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