Is the API working right now?

curl -d "apikey=c44ced83-96d6-408c-952a-b3a11f029aa3"

yields nothing at all… unless I misunderstood the api thread?

Not a huge expert on curl, but you’d pass the apikey param in line with the URL as so:


So it’s a simple GET request?

still yields nothing for me, I must be dumb :(

it’s the same key for everyone, right? Thanks for your patience :)

Oh right, I see the issue. Matt started issuing API keys but hasn’t updated the post :)

@matt would you be able to hook @lollip up with an api key? :)

Thanks, I’m not completely crazy then :)

Cameron, is that how my link should look? But with my key? @carmalonso

The API Key you’re using isn’t correct. You should use the one I sent you.

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