Is the Airbus autopilot disconnect sound that difficult to add?

For 21.4 (reworked A330), I’ve accepted all the excuses for the engine sound. But you didn’t address the autopilot disconnect warning.

Come on! It’s just a 3-second chime. You hear it once per flight. It’s not shared in multiplayer.

(Is it copyright protected or something?)


Gathering high quality audio clips are expensive and difficult to get. Be patient they can possibly get them in the future along with all the other aircraft.


This topic was just worded a bit disrespectfully. But yea I agree same with the GPWS


What you just linked to is actually a very well detailed explanation that helps mitigate the disappointment of not having custom engine sounds to some degree.

I do agree about the autopilot disconnect sound but these guys are working pretty hard to put out a lot of stuff, and it’s not like IF is a large publicly trading corporation or something. We should cut them some slack and keep on pressing for it politely instead.


Sorry, I was being a little upset. Maybe because the 777 has set such a high bar.

While I do believe we should have the autopilot disconnect with the A330, we’ve got to be realistic here. Infinite Flight is not a PC simulator, it’s a mobile sim. The developers would have loved to add more sounds to aircraft, but they simply don’t have the programming infrastructure to do so

Its a good question actually. I found nothing disrespectful in what he said! I think you took it out out of context.

AP disconnect sounds are tied to each aircraft type sound set (77, 350, TBM…) and not part of a global package. That’s why it’s using the Boeing sounds.

We’ll hopefully be able to address this in the future.


Laura’s answer leaves no room for debate! Thanks for your questions.