Is the A380 price too high?

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For years now Airbus has struggled to understand why their A380 superjumbo has plummeted. Analysts have blamed a number of things on the recent drop of orders. This includes efficiency, the risk of operating the aircraft and lastly the price. Unlike aircraft such as the A330 neo and the A350 from the Airbus family who’ve always had a new customer knocking on their door, interest has been rather dry for the worlds largest passenger plane. Last year IAG’s CEO Willie Walsh said BA was keen on second hand A380’s. The interest came after the A380 continued to perform well within their operations. It is an aircraft that according to them was welcomed and enjoyed by the masses.

Later on, it became apparent that the interest for the A380 was turning cold, the reason for this was the price.
In new comments made by the International Airlines Group CEO Willie Walsh last week in regards to the A380, it was noted that Airbus should lower the price of their A380 in order to attract new firm interest and more importantly new orders. If Airbus had lowered the price to be the very least reasonable amount Willie Walsh said that the group would consider ordering additional A380s to be for British Airway. An order such as this could make or break the program after Emirates remaining orders have come under threat of cancellation. The A380’s production line, could close sooner rather than later. The shut down of the production line comes after workers were essentially ensured that they’d have a job for at least to the next decade. This was after Emirates had announced an additional order for 36 more A380’s worth US $16billion back in January 2018. Willie Walsh has not stated whether the group would order, British Airway currently operates just 12 A380’s so it wouldn’t be a very large order. If Airbus lowered the price of the A380 overall would it become more attractive to other airlines? One important thing to understand though is that other A380 customers have had no issues with the aircraft. What are your thoughts on the pricing of the A380? Do you think they’re too high? Please feel free to comment below on your thoughts and ideas.
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You pretty much copied this:


I did see this video on YouTube… a little sus?

Furthermore more shouldn’t the photo of the A380 have a link or some reference


I do certainly agree with the news going around particularly by Willie Walsh. It’s clear that unlike Boeing, Airbus dint want to negotiate much on price and certainly not for the A380. I do believe if they do that more airlines would buy them but more so add more to their already existing A380 fleets. There may be small margins though that make the discounts not possible for Air us oerhaos though, who knows.

To the comments above I do say that the news regarding the A380 programme is pretty synonymous with what’s been said here. And rightfully so, Dj Aviation simply uses news sources and makes videos based on that. Users here can create topics based on similar discussion points to get other points of view.


I personally do think that the price is way too High. With aircraft being smaller, with a longer range and more efficient, it shouldn’t be costing that much for a technology that was designed to compete with the 747-400

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I personally don’t think any US airline could make much of a success from it. They have their busiest routes served by smaller aircraft but with more frequency as does BA mostly. This is the case with the lucrative LHR to JFK routes. As for the Boeing aircraft I’m not surprised they invested in the B777 and B787, they are far cheaper and won’t lose too much money for the airline should they not be filled and as thus the airline can be more flexible. They can’t use the A380’s like the B777’s on domestic and long hauls and expect to fill it all the time.

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I think the A380 plus, might increase the amount of A380s bought.

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Oh think I’ve heard this somewhere before… Oh!! You just copied want DJ’s aviation said!! lol

I don’t really know if introducing a plane that went badly in the market will catch airline attention even if they make it quite a lot more efficient,it has lots of problems in the ground and tarmac causing delays and stuff.
It’s too expensive for many airlines and for airlines like Emirates…well they can’t even use the a380s they have.They even gounded a few of them due to lack of pilots:(
Airbus needs to understand sometimes it’s not always about how many people you carry

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