Is the A350 there in IF?

Hey there IFC,
I’ve seen a lot of pictures (in infinite flight) where there are some A350s flying. I don’t understand how that’s possible since I don’t have it in m aircraft list. Is there something I need to do to get the A350 if it’s there? I have now subscribed to Infinite Flight Pro so I do have access to all aircraft. Do I need to reinstall the app to get it? Tell me your thoughts.

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But the plane isn’t in the simulator at all so the pictures you are seeing might be fake or Photoshop

Those were photoshopped. FDS doesn’t plan on implementing an A350 any time soon

There isn’t enough data about the aircraft for us to get everything accurate, we understand the demand and hope for you to understand. -Trusted FDS sources.

Go vote here if you want to see it!

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Hi Philippe, you are correct, the A350 is not in IF, the pictures you are seeing are most likely photoshops made by the community.

If you would like it in Infinite Flight, be sure to vote for it here:

but I saw this in a picture

I can assure you there is no A350 in Infinite Flight.

Unfortunately in the current age, even pictures can’t be trusted 😬

Nope. But maybe one day when enough data is available. 🙂