Is the a350 launched yet?

Any specific dates when the Airbus a350 will be launched ?

Launch dates aren’t specified/set beforehand by the team as you can read in many blog posts.

It will come when it’s ready and good to be shiped!

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No specifics, yet.

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The dev team is working very hard. Please be sure to keep up with IF social media and look at the #announcements category for more info. Normally release dates are not given :)


The developers are currently hard at work on the next update set to release for Infinite Flight. Unexpected roadblocks such as bugs and other development issues are always obstacles when developing a new update. With that said, a release date is simply not possible because of how fluid this process is.

We do ask however that you stay tuned to the #announcements category here on the forum. You can follow the official pages of Infinite Flight at the following links:

Thanks for the support!