Is the A220 underpowered in IF?

Hey guys I just wanted to ask, is it normal to use >90% N1 power while climbing at FL280 at 1,500fpm and 85% N1 while cruising at FL340? 1,500fpm is 1,000fpm less than what I used on other planes like Boeing 737 or Airbus A320.

Here is the weight info based on FPLtoIF:

Fuel - 9,144kg
Passengers - 138
Cargo - 3,443kg

I also barely gain speed while climbing at 2,000fpm while climbing using 85% N1 power (79% throttle). I think the A220 is a bit underpowered in IF compared to IRL. Can anyone agree with me or is it only me that feels like the A220 is underpowered in IF?

Side note: I’m neither an A220 pilot nor a physician so I could be wrong here.


I believe what you’re looking for is a physicist, not a doctor.


Sorry I’m not that good in English


All good, this place is for learning after all


Anyway, what I actually wanted to learn is if the A220 is underpowered in IF.

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How much load in % is that?

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I don’t know around 60% or something like that

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The load’s about 70% with that configuration.


Given Infinite Flight had A220 pilots help with the development process it’s unlikely that it’s underpowered. Those power settings that you mentioned are pretty standard for a lot of aircraft going from the climb to cruise phase.

That said, it’s not underpowered. If anything, she’s a rocket like the 757


Thanks for the clarification! Maybe it’s just me that feels like the A220 is underpowered… I’ll try to fly out of SNA sometime soon with this plane.

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The tutorial if you watched it for the A220, you’re supposed to take off with 89% N1 not 85%

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Oh, blame my brain for not remembering 90% of the tutorials I read on the IFC then


This is why we need to refer to checklists, everyone.


Did you have your trim at 35% and your flaps setting at 2?😂

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My trim is at 15% and my flaps are on 2

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The T.O. % N1 is flexable.

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Based on @DeerCrusher’s tutorial on A220 takeoff and landing profiles, it says that

75% load | 83% - 87% N1 | Flaps 3** | 141kts VR

85% N1 is right in the middle, so it should be fine. Perhaps I might’ve been rotated too early or it’s because I use flaps 2 instead of 3…

but still, blame my forgetful brain

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What is your TOW ? and winds ?
There is no fixed TO N1. Its variable.
As is V1, Vr and V2 . Your rotation Vr speed changes primarily based on weight. IF doesn’t model the effects of air temp and engine performance as far as I know.

There are V-Speed tables available and they work well.

I don’t remember those but I think the wind was around 14kts

After initial climb out try reducing vs to allow the climb power to not become to aggressive, one for passenger comfort and two fuel efficiency. With what you said the aircraft should not be struggling to climb within normal operation . Same goes for long haul some people struggle with I.e step climbs and they don’t need to be complicated if you don’t wish to sit on the tablet replicating the perfect step climb just set the vs to something like 500 to remain within a consistent power boundary try playing with different configuration and replicating take offs landing with different weights to see the aircraft capabilities, if anything with the aircraft I found while flying it for a smaller aircraft competing with e jets and so on, it’s ability to decend at faster rates is not the greatest which means it struggles to loose airspeed something which making steep approach’s for example into London city more challenging. I think it’s a case of trial and error on our parts and maybe some tweaks down the line if we find some solid evidence of misconfiguration.

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