Is the 777 meant to have a clock in the cockpit?

I know it’s not major but I was just curious as I noticed there is no clock in the cockpit in infinite flight so I was wondering if the devs missed it or it just doesn’t exist

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Every aircraft is supposed to have a clock. It’s a required price of equipment for IFR flight


Hey, in the real world the 777-200 does have a clock but as you say it does not in Infinite Flight. This may be on purpose or just leafed out by mistake… But it is good to bring up these issues for 20.2

I thought so, so I wonder why the devs missed it

there is a clock, it is on the GPS monitor

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Talking about this one…
Screenshot 2020-06-15 at 21.17.07

Infinite Flight does not have that manual clock on the left

Only the earlier 777 builds have that clock. This Swiss 777-300ER (a later build model) does not have the clock:

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@Cameron did you make the clock for this aircraft? 😆#insidejoke

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This would make sense. I believe IF is going to use the same cockpit for all the 777 variants, so this is a good way to save time!

I like a clock :(

There are still the four UTC clocks, 2 in each GPS Monitor.

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