Is the 20.2 update today

Hey, will everyone plz or answer me if the update is coming soon?

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IF dosen’t announce dates, only surprise releases


It has been sent to apple for review IF just has to hear back from them but we do not know the release date yet

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Well, they said they are still working on bug fixes for the update.

Yes it is coming out as said in there social media post. It is sent to IOS for review. It will take some time to get approved. I’m not sure about Android.
So it will 100% be here by 2020-10-23T11:00:00Z but it will most likely come by tomorrow (Note: If approved)
Infinite Flight (@infiniteflight) Tweeted:
20.2 is waiting for review on iOS.


Will it come out tomorrow.

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Most likely from now till the end of the month

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What if Apple declines it? Then it won’t 100% be before 2020-10-23T11:00:00Z. The update is not yet but please check back in on the blog given above!


Fixed it added a note

Patience is a virtue. If there’s any news, it’ll be on IF’s Social Media Platforms or in #announcements.

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Hello, normally the Apple reviews takes 24-48 hours

Depends on where you live in the universe…
(Different timezones and suns 🌞)

Marc made a comment about a good way to estimate when they will come out here…

@Infinite_Flight_Bra1 Android does it within a matter of hours

Just to clear up some of the misinformation being quoted, a release has multiple steps involved:

  • Apple has to review it. It could take minutes, hours, days or in extreme cases - weeks. <<-- You are here
  • If Apple finds anything it will go back to the developers who will make the necessary changes and the process starts all over again.
  • Now pretend that both app stores have approved it (Android has a much simpler process), it is still up to the developer to release it on the timing of their choosing.
  • Each respective store has their own logic on how it rolls out the updates. Remember you have many users across the world waiting for an update. This takes time for the app stores to propagate it down to their various distribution networks.
  • You install and fly!