Is the 20.1 release going to be delayed because of the current events?

Thought across my mind today. Is the 20.1 update going to be delayed because of the protests going on in America? I’ve seen companies delay, stop and cancel things as a result of it. Could 20.1 end up being delayed as well?

Not really sure how this would delay the update, so I don’t think so :)


No, why would it? It’s a mostly finished product that only has finishing touches remaining. All employees are working remote anyways.

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Probably the best bet is to wait for a staff member to comment below but my two cents on the matter is, because as far as I’m aware all of their positions are covered from their own homes, I highly doubt the current situation is causing any delays.

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An example would be Sony canceling their PS5 event because of it. I’ve seen other things being stopped out of respect in whats going on in the world right now. I’m wondering if 20.1 may also be postponed.

Given that all of the developers work remotely, current events shouldn’t delay the update by much (if any). 🙂