Is that ghosting?

1.Taxi and runway is narrow.
2.No holding line. (runway 14)
3.ln my full power i saw warning. I slow down and need time to read that.(runway too short)
4.I am a new player.

Is that ghosting?

The video you provided did not shot a ghost. You did get a warning for idling on the runway.

You do have a ghost report on your record. Check your logbook and you can see which flight it was for.


Also this wouldn’t have been done by a real person anyway, just the system. Also please remember on the expert server size restrictions to airports :)

Happy Flying!

That’s because this field is not designed for commercial aircraft. You can look at runway dimensions before spawning (or landing).


Logbook and replay. - YouTube

The gameplay have 38 min. But replay end in 15 min.

The problem is Not violation.
The problem is ghosting.
How can fast to take off in this runway 14.
Runway 14 not have holding line.
That is easy forget the checklist.
If in runway to checklist. That maybe ghosting.

Which server? And it’s seems like just violations if you have difficult with English you can PM me with Chinese, I’ll see if I can help:)

There is no ghosting. You were not ghosted. It was a violation warning. It was letting you know to move otherwise the system will start adding violations if you continue to idle on the runway.

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That would be the runway idle warning, yes. But you don’t do checklists for minutes on end on the runway.

If you’re at an airport that has a 1500 ft runway and no ramp, that’s a sign that you are not at a proper airport for your aircraft and you should go somewhere else.


Thanks. But I don’t know how to PM in here.

And someone said I use a wrong plane in this runway.

But,I work done.

Now, a violation warning is adding by ghosting. (A violation warning is not adding by my wrong plane.)

In video can see.I were unlucky.

In my full power.The warning show in this time. I am a new player. I need a time to read that.So I slow down power.

All things need time. But waiting in runway is likely ghost.

@Ray_Wang will send you a PM.