Is that Delta Virtual?

Hey guys saw this interesting. About 100 aircrafts going to ATL.

Anyone wants to join me on a Delta flight?
Bogota to ATL aircrafts you can use (757-a321-737-900er)

I’ll be departing at 9:30pm eastern time!

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Delta Virtual pilots have the callsign ‘DLVA###’

So of you see a bunch of these together, then most likely it is a group flight.

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What exactly are we looking for?

What do you mean by this picture?

That’s North, Central and South America.


And why were you on a phone call and at the same time looking on live flight?


If you mean by a bunch of pilots heading SBGR-KATL which I believe you are, it could be DLVA, but most likely a bunch of general pilots flying from 1 scheduled airport to the other.

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We could answer your question but we don’t have enough info.

Would Delta normally do routes like that? I’m confused both about this topic and their real world routes

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Calling dispatch 🤫😭

They do fly to Sao Paulo

That sums it up perfectly. Also, just because there are that many aircraft flying to ATL doesn’t mean they are Delta VA.

This is because KATL is on the atc schedule tomorrow. And conveniently SBGR - KATL is a real life route which many people, as it seems, are choosing to fly to catch atc services tomorrow.

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Anyone wanna fly with me? I’m going to ATL from Bogota!

Create a #live:groupflights for that.

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DLVA does not have a VA group flight going right now. Any line of flights is just general pilots not the VA at this moment.

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Please use #live:groupflights if you would like to fly using the proper format.