Is tam the only livery coming to 19.1?

? Is tam the only livery coming to 773? Or because I saw on insta the tam 777 and don’t show anything else and I couldn’t find anything on the 19.1 update thread anything about liveries

Who knows,we will just need to wait and see👀👀👀


No its not, they have confirmed on Instagram

There is no need to make a whole new topic on this, you could have asked this question on the update thread. If it’s not been mentioned which I’m sure yourself would know given how active you are with IF social media then it’s not coming or you won’t know about it. Patience is key here, don’t people like suprises anymore?


Just wanted to note that the TAM livery is coming to the 77W not 773. IF doesn’t have the 777-300 but has the 777-300ER which has basically extra range to fly, can fly longer, that is about it. But don’t confuse the two… well identical models.

We’ll have to wait and see ;)