Is tailgaiting legal?

So i got permission to pushback and this guy was then stuck behind me. I was pushing 30 knots (GS) to stay well ahead of him but he was persistant. He just wanted to get ahead. Sad thing is he actually got to takeoff first lol

If this was on the expert server, Who was the controller?

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Yes it was on expert. Give me a second.

The controller was me sorry. I’m pretty sure that was during a pretty hectic time, so I was just trying my best to get aircraft off the runway. Tailgating isn’t legal - I’ll make sure to watch out for it more often :)


PM one of the many Elliot’s on the forum, I see the tag says “IFC Elliot”.

So why did not you report on it if this is illegal?

Oh alright. I actually didn’t know that. I only posted this because I thought it was funny.

Okay let me rephrase that. It is a ghostable offense (failure to maintain separation I believe, except that is mostly for in-air), but there is usually no danger associated with it, so unless it is causing problems, I/we tend to avoid ghosting. I didn’t see anyone taxi through anyone, so I admittedly didn’t take any note of it.

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There’s a “maintain safe distance from aircraft ahead” option under misc.


Might I say one thing. Don’t speed up, it’s the reason they do that sort of stuff. If anything slow down to teach them a lesson ;) If they go through you they will then get ghosted or be warned if they get too close.


I am curious how he managed to takeoff ahead of you!!

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Could this be @Elliott? That seems to match the in-app IFC tag.

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Theres two taxiway holds. I went to the furtherst one and the other guy went to the closest one and managed to take off earlier

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Yeah that’s what I thought happened. I was doing my best for a first come, first serve tower service since it was busy, and I’m 99% sure he sent the request first. Usually I would make people who do that wait, but I was focused on giving other instructions and didn’t really notice lol


@tomthetank yes, but I prefer private shaming vs public shaming.

I’m the opposite. I prefer this over private if the situation provides an opportunity for others to learn. Need to look at the big picture and how others can benefit… 🤷🏼‍♂️Otherwise, we’re not resolving or preventing anything and that’s too much work. I like efficiency and less work. 🙂

@Hamza.N To answer your question, no. Its not kind/wise of the pilot to do this and its not good that the controller failed to utilize the “maintain safe distance with aircraft ahead” command.