Is someone interested in doing Vistajet VA?

First of all if it is not possible ( cuz it is not really a commercial airline ) pls let me know . But if it is, if someone is interested pls let me know

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I can’t as I’m already in another VA

Explain further.

I guess it would be off topic

First, i gotta get my minimod out, pleae dont use the VA group for questions, as its really reserved for actual VA’s to post in, use the IFVARB questions thread for any questions in the future.

But as far as I know, it is allowed. It is currently not copyrighted and not allowed, so you can create it, but please explain more, is this asking if someone wants to create it? Because its easy to do it yourself…look here:

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I would be. PM me. Mabe if not VistaJet, then NetJets.

To add onto this, please do what he said and if you go through with this idea, please use the topic below to ask people about becoming staff. Make sure to read the rules of the topic though.

Also, you can make any VA you want as long as it isn’t in the copyrighted list, which is published on Hope this helps and good luck!

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NetJets VA is not permitted.

@Metier , why is NetJets VA not permitted ?

It’s listed within the Banned Virtual Airlines section.

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Where can you find that list ?

Here you go @IFlyer

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