Is Server Down Now?

I started my flight from LGAV to EGLL 3 hours ago and live server was not connected (shown by red sign on the top right of the screen) while the other icon shown in green tick. By the time I checked my flight again an hour later, it’s still not connected. because the live server still not connected I quickly diverted to LOWS and landed there because I don’t feel like finish the flight without live server. And when I exit the flight it didn’t add any XP, hours, or, my landing count :(Anyone also having the same problem?

Hi EKo, I believe this would go in #support :).

Have you checked your internet connection? I would recommend restarting your Router/Modem as this usually is a connection error, if not a app reinstall could fix this.
Hope this helps, 305…
Just saying as there doesn’t appear to be any server outage as Seb said down below :).

Nope. Server is not down.
Two easy ways to check:

  1. Is the servers at 0% in the menu where you choose between Casual/Training/Expert? If it were, yes. Some servers might be down.

  2. Check LiveFlight (unless that is broken). Any flights there? If yes, no issues.


Hi Chief,
Thanks for recategorize it. :)
My internet connection was fine, I have experiencing connection problem before and if that happened, all the indicators will not be in green color (weather, global server, API service etc)

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Hi mods,
I didn’t check between servers as you said so I don’t know if it shown 0% or not. I also didn’t check liveflight. :)

I have screenshot but can’t post it right now because I’m using my phone. Will post tomorrow when I see my laptop.

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No need to. I know what you were referring to :)

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Alright then :)
just want to know what happened and if anyone else experience the same problem.

It was not a connection issue because my internet was fine yesterday.

You may close this thread now if you have to.

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