Is Scandinavian Airlines good or bad?

Hey guys!
So me and my family have decided that we need to book a holiday and get our minds of our jobs and just have some freedom for once lol!

So we will be flying from Norway and we have decided that we would like to fly to Germany. I’ve been checking and some reviews of the airline are good but some are awful. Has anyone been on this airline before? If so how was it? Any delays etc? My family hates flying so I really want them to enjoy it for once and start the holiday off good!



I’ve flown SAS a bunch. From my short haul experience with them, it’s pretty average I’d say. No delays, they usually arrive on time or before estimated arrival time. For baggage, it’s been good - we’ve had no problems with them. The seats are seats that’ll you find on any economy domestic carrier in Europe.


Sounds good. I’ll be looking into it. Hope to book for next weekend!
Thanks for your opinion, Henrik


Welcome to the comunity! Just double check on YouTube and not always read the reviews. Sometimes they can be in accurate.


SAS is amazing!
Their long haul product is amazing! Their short haul product is pretty average, good service, free beverages, they have one of the best on time record in Europe I believe. You want to avoid the swedish cabin crew, since they tend to be rude (From my own experiences) But since you´re departing Norway you should be good. You will most likely fly a 737-800, and it´s a pretty comfortable aircraft - Standard for intra-european flights. I can´t say enough good about SAS, they are on time, safe, comfortable and pleasant.


I recommend checking out , they have some great insight of what to expect and could even have your route listed as already been reviewed …?


Reading reviews online for airlines are really never accurate. People do not go out of their way to post a good review for a normal trip but love to jump on and rant if there is a 30 second delay.


Hmm, looks like reviews aren’t always telling the truth. Thanks for the help guys!

Bye the way, it’s 4:42 am over here! Goodnight!


Trust me, You will enjoy SAS! I´ve used them for the last 4-5 years, and with the new Short Haul Cabin coming soon to their fleet, they will be even better! Nothing better than Scandinavian hospitality :´ )


Sounds great! Going to book at work tomorrow! Thanks for your opinion, Emil.


They are great to fly with

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There is nothing at all wrong with Swedish cabin crew. I’ve been on multiple airlines and only SAS and Lufthansa crew are the best ones, and before all, the most friendly ones. Nationality does not matter in this case, norwegian people can be as worse as swedish and as worse as danish.

Anyways, I like SAS. There is no food served on board short-haul routes, only coffee and tea are complimentary. If you ask you might well be allowed to enter the cockpit as well, at least I have always been allowed 100% of times when I have asked.

Don’t always listen to reviews, we booked a holiday in pengang and went to the park royal. There was mold on the seats and curtains. We got an upgrade but that was just without the mold.

Flown SAS a couple of times and never had a problem. Decent fares, friendly crew, on-time arrival etc. Reliable for sure.

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Sas is the best! Feels better than Norwegian for example. Make sure to sign up for a “European Bonus” membership to earn points and book youth tickets. Their app is awesome to!

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If you read what I said below, I also stated thats from my own experiences. I´ve flown out of all the 3 hub airports - CPH,ARN,OSL and generally I´ve seen the crew from ARN be ruder than from CPH and OSL. I love the swedish people, and have nothing against them - But I am just telling him my experience with SAS.

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Yes I did read that part, but you can’t generalise the whole crew at Stockholm like that. There are a lot of great cabin crew and I do agree that some of them may be bad sometimes but certainly not all of them.

As I have said multiple times now. He asked for our opinion, so I gave him my opinion, based on my experiences. I´m sure most of the crews are good, and I´ve most likely just been unfortunate, but he asked for our opinion and experiences with SAS, which I gave him.
Peace out :)

Great airline! Have flown with them from around London to Norway and Denmark. Staff amazing, seats are average. Overall amazing!

Totally agree with you on this part. :)