Is recruitment still on hold for joining the airport editing team?

I’d like to help with building 3D airports. Is it still possible to join the editing team?

Hello there, Charles!

Unfortunately, recruitment for the 3D editing team is no longer open and until further announcement from the staff or moderators, it looks to remain this way. However, it’s not impossible to be added; you can always be invited to join the editing team. Though the requirements are often a little vague, simply putting yourself out there and continuously engaging positively is one way to get yourself noticed.

Furthermore, the editing team recently ran a lottery for some lucky IFATC members who may throw their name in the hat, with some lucky individuals getting the call up to join the editing team. That said, it’s unclear whether this will happen again, though you can always remain optimistic. Joining IFATC and continuously engaging there is another great way to get yourself noticed.

Hope this helps clarify the editing team’s stance on applications and membership!


Thanks for the info @LordWizrak ! I’ll keep the tips in mind to hopefully land a spot someday. All clear!

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