Is pro worth it

I usually always have pro sometimes I don’t but when I don’t have it I don’t go on IF once at all but when I do have it I’m on IF every day

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Yeah I just tried, they think it’s outrageous and won’t let me “period”
My dad just brought up how he can make sense of its $10 a year but that $120 a year is crazy then he went on about his banking app being like $36 a year and all
Mom barely said a word

Nooo! I hope you’re able to persuade your parents into allowing you to purchase pro!

Heh not gonna happen, once their mind is made, it ain’t changing
It’s one of those things that I’m gonna havr to wait until they lift the no subscriptions rule on my card

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Dislike very much!

Even if I didn’t have that rule my dad has a parental control app on phone that limits me using the card online, there is no way I can do it without them being aware
And even then I have to clear purchases with them, and my mom is constantly trying to bet me to not spend it on games
Anyways this topic has gone very off the rails, the mods will probably shut it down because of the recent conversing

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My take on pro is that if you want a good, quality mobile flight sim, then go for it. Yeah it is kinda expensive but if you are a big aviation enthusiast and really want a mobile flight sim, go for it! The only downside is like I said it gets expensive and sometime you have unrealistic pilots on expert server who ruin the fun. Also you have to work your way up to expert server which is grade 3. It depends on how much of an aviation enthusiast you are and how much money you are willing to spend.

very, only had it for 3 days and already met heaps of friendly people and done so many fun things

IF Pro is so good that it made me love aviation more!

Sure, it’s great. But when we’re talking over £120 a year, there can be other stuff to prioritize over a game. Especially if you aren’t in great financial condition.

Infinite flight is a great game by itself, and with the addition of PRO to your experience it’s a whole new world. Tons of incredible scenery to explore, a huge community you can connect with and an some incredibly detailed aircraft. For roughly 14.99 CAN a month before tax.

Personally, I say it’s worth it based on these factors.

Am very particular about what i purchase, however IF is worth the money , with everything accociated with IF is of high standard, so yes purchase

If I had to sell the idea to a parent, I might use: best app for immersively learning geography.

Highly doubt that will work but it’s worth an attempt
It didn’t.
I didn’t expect it to, I’m way too high in the school system to need something for that
My current approach is Microsoft rewards, I’m trying to see if there’s any ways to obtain pro through that

You can make it 80. Depends on the device you have.

I have an Android.

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I do know how it work’s on iOS but not on Android. There had been many complaints that people had about just changing to just 10$ a Month as it used to be:

  • 10$ a month
  • 49.99 for 6 months
  • 79.99 for 12 months

I’ll try and find the way Staff explained for Android because they were able to make a way for iOS. (Technically was already there)

I snooped around the Google play store and can’t find anything

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Have you gone to subscriptions part of Infinite Flight yet? (Not In game).

I think it would better if staff could explain what I mean.

I can’t find that

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