Is pro worth it

I need input on people who have it to truly n know of I should invest in pro, I thinks it’s a good investment but I’m really debating it


Infinite Flight Pro is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. You get to share your passion with other users by either being an air traffic controller or flying any aircraft available. It is by far worth every penny.


With pro, you can explore the world virtually and go to places where you always wanted to go to, virtually,
All on phone. It’s my best purchase of my life. Explore with friends, fool around with friends, even go for group flights, dozens of aircraft, control ATC on training server, AND MORE.


yessss, It is one of my best purchases


I find PRO to be very much worth it.

I have been using Infinite Flight for what seems like 20 years (not accurate) and have been using PRO specifically for 4 years.

I live in the United States so its $10 a month (I use the yearly subscription) and for only $10 you get to unlock all aircraft and fly the entire globe with beautiful HD scenery and on top of that, you get to fly 3 servers and if you don’t fancy flying, you can apply to be an IFATC member or you can control an airport of your choice anywhere!

You get the experience of a real pilot while sitting at home and relaxing, you get to interact with real people from across the world, all corners of the world come together and enjoy a great multiplayer game.

Prices can seems scary but trust me, it is really worth it. The price you pay helps pay the staff and allows for the game to develop more than we have seen before!

This simulator really puts the Community into Infinite Flight. I definitely recommend PRO and highly encourage you to give it a try!


I thought the same thing when I first got IF and finally decided to go get pro and I do retreat it at all I have met so many people and made lots of friends all from one game. SO yes pro IS worth it!


Obviously it isn’t worth it, its 10 quid a month, on a game. But that doesnt mean its not the best mobile sim out there,

There is a difference between you loving it (which you probably will) and it being actually worth the money.

it comes down to whether u want to spend that much on a game


I’ve been on both sides of this question: asking and now letting people know that IT IS SO WORTH IT especially if you’re serious about getting into aviation in the real world or even simply flying in a flight sim.

Sure it’s a little pricey but if you’re willing to work for it and you plan on using it, I’d say it’s totally worth it.

I tried a one month sub just to try it out and then I went for it and got the one year sub. Now I’ve had it for almost three full years and I don’t regret a thing.


yep it is totally worth it


Thanks all for your input, I’ll look into it more, I tried getting it this morning but with me being only 15, my parents control my credit card and I’d likely not be able to use the pro if I did get it, so hopefully (not saying I’ll use yall separately, I’ll use that there was an overwhelming yes to is it worth it) I can get it and join yall on flying

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Definitely worth it, it I enjoy everything about it. Yes there are a few bad parts to it, and yes its expensive, but its worth it. With pro you can basically use it as a flight sim and ATC sim.

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It’s definitely a personal decision to make. While most of us completely agree that pro is worth it, you need to look at your personal situation. The monthly / annual cost can add up; is it something you / your parents can afford? Will you be able to fly enough to make pro worth it?

Just my thoughts, but hope to see you flying soon!


See and when it comes to us affording it, we can, I just think that my mom thinks that the subscription is just to get like a couple planes, a few extra Airports, etc, she never asked what came with it so I’m fairly sure she’s unaware of the full size of it
As for my dad he’s at work the entire day so I haven’t gotten his input, he’s into Sims like me, albeit trucking Sims instead of flight, so he may see the value in it
I asked the dog, she stared at me with her regular puppy eyes

I felt this needed to be said, idk if you were looking for something like this but I wanted you to know that I in fact did think about being able to afford it


Sounds like you’re on the right path to purchasing pro soon! I hope your parents will agree with you and allow you to purchase pro!

Yeah my parents aren’t normal, it takes my mom months to understand value in things

As for dad he’s kind of the same but let’s just say he’s not much of a mobile game person, they both think mobile games aren’t worth it

You’re not alone! I think (sometimes) that gaming (mobile and console) is practice for future careers like surgery, flying (UAV’s, aircraft, rotorcraft, etc) and more!

I literally have teachers who have said that IF would be decent at pilot training (albeit one, he, me, and another student went into how gaming has no real help, and at the time I was letting autopilot fly a plane and he said that “what he’s doing could help him work an aircraft”)

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I had a teacher in grade 6 that would allow us to fly Microsoft Flight Simulator (I cannot recall which version) at any point in class. We didn’t have to ask. It was the dream. We also got to tour Boeing Plant and the Museum of Flight in that class. SO, IF pro is definitely worth the money in my opinion!


Definitely worth the money I can confidently purchase it without thinking twice. I don’t really like the default IF I have to have pro

Agreed, think the use of the 74 and 38 is a little wasted by the fact you can’t fly between free areas