Is Pro worth it?

I am kind of new to flight simulators, and i’m not great at flying. But I really want more planes and livery’s. I do have x-plane, MFSX and Aero fly 2020 on my computer, But there to confusing, Is it any worth it


Hi! Welcome to the IFC 😊

That’s a good question you’re asking; and it certainly depends on yourself as well. If you just want to fly in the available free regions using the free planes and that’s enough for you, you don’t need Pro. However, you might be missing out on quite a few cool things.

I’ve been using Infinite Flight Pro for many years now (previously it was called Live+) and I have to say, I never regretted renewing my subscription. For me, it’s definitely worth it. The global scenery and the beautiful planes are just a small part that come with the subscription. Multiplayer is what really makes it worth it. Flying with other people, enjoy professional ATC service from experienced controllers, live events on the servers, and so on; it’s the coolest thing. I can highly recommend you to give it a try!

You could get a subscription for one month for example, try everything and see how it goes. We’re looking forward to what you’ll have to report after experiencing Infinite Flight Pro for the first time!

All the best!


To clear up any bias, as Marc is a moderator so we do have some bias involved… (no offence :)

I use pro subscription and enjoy it a lot. A wide variety of aircraft, global scenery and just lots of fun to be had. I’ve done spitfire flying and flying a c130 over Heathrow and pitching up for a vertical climb at 400 kts

You get the idea, it’s a lot of fun. (Not to mention you can join ur friends and do formation or group flights)

It’s definitely worth it

Hi, welcome to IFC, I recommend trying a week or two without pro, depending if u like it or not, u can decide

No bias here 😉 I would not have spent all these years on the IFC and flying in Infinite Flight if I wouldn’t love the game.


Yes. It is absolutely worth it. The communication with ATC makes the game much better. I would definitely recommend to try it out :)

If your a person who is a massive av geek and loves flight simulation and doesn’t have a strong pc then I recommend IF, after this if you want to play with other av geeks and want more planes/regions then get pro for a month. But if you have a good pc which handles games well, you might prefer Xplane11 or MFS2020 as they are 50x more realistic. No offence to the IF team, I love your work but just my personal opinion. Anyone who doesn’t agree that fine but just don’t hate me! 😒😊

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One word,


I’d say you should for sure get it if you can. Its one of the best purchases I’ve made and it has given me tons of great experience and is a good way to explore the world!

It’s worth it. 1 thing I realized is if you keep repurchasing the 1 month subscription for a year, then it will cost you more than just purchasing the 1 year subscription. (Just to help you save money)

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It is more than worth it. If they had a lifetime subscription trust me I would buy it. The community and the VA’s making even better

Yes, if you want to see what it looks like, click here

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I ask myself this when I’m considering buying a subscription, and it’s usually worth it, you get to create or participate in many events as well as join VA/VOs. You also get realistic procedures (SIDs/STARs) and the whole globe to explore. Like just today I did a flight from Bangui - Entebbe (Kampala) - Nairobi. So overall yes

It depends on how often you’re looking to fly on IF. Just remember that if you’re going to pay for Pro, you’re paying for a subscription. The less you play, the less worth it. The more you play, its more bang for your buck.

I’ve been playing MSFS (but I do have a yoke and throttle which makes it a lot easier) and it’s been a blast. But, Infinite Flight has its own benefit…being mobile.

Pros of having Infinite Flight

  • Mobile
  • If you buy Pro, you have access to ALL planes and the entire world
  • Easy to use (unlike PC flight sims)
  • A FANTASTIC freaking community ranging from this community to the Virtual Airlines

Cons of having Infinite Flight

  • Not as realistic in comparison to PC flight sims (when it comes to the more neich procedures such as battery switches, inputting your flight plan into the FD, etc)
  • Can be unstable on older or cheaper phones
  • Subscription-based for Pro - no lifetime option

If you were to use IF a lot, I’d go for it. But if not, you already have dished out a lot of cash for MFSX, X-plane, and Aerofly.

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One of the best thing about Pro is simply more planes and live ATC

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Pro is totally worth it.

I’ve been playing IF since 2015, but up until 2019 I didn’t have pro. Before I got pro, I just thought of IF as a cool little game with a few nice planes. Once I got global, I saw so many doors open up. Flying professionally online, new liveries and places to fly, new planes, and a whole bunch more. The sheer amount of people that are online on the expert server is amazing, and before I joined the IFC I’d even unintentionally joined some FNF’s and groupfights. 😂

Getting pro just adds so much to the IF experience, and I highly recommend that you get it. It’s worth it 100%.

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Yes yes yes!! IF has the most organised (except for casual) live traffic and ATC system since it has been here for quite a while.

Someone asked me if it’s worth it, it definitely is. Best flight Sim, for many years to come too


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