is pro subscription worth it?

So I’ve thinking for a day of buying pro subscription. Well I can use the money i saved but does it worth it?

So The 1 month subscription same as the price of the game its 34,99TRY
Im not sure so i need your guyus help
I really wanna support devs in this game for good physcs,patchs,Features etc.
I wonder what happens to my profile i log in when subscription ends?
Do I unlock all Aircraft,Airport,Regions etc. For this game?
Is there Turkey? [country ofcourse lul]
Oh and do I have to pay every month?

Edit: Im saving money for now! For pro subscription
Thanks for everyones help!


A pro subscription will give you every plane and the entire world. Turkey included. It will also give you new planes as they are developed as long as your subscription is active. You also get access to the live servers.

You can pay for a yearly subscription at a discounted rate or month by month with the option to cancel any time.


Yep, It’s worth it.
It’s limit-less what you can do in IF :)

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Not to forget you can also try out the Air Traffic Control on the Training Servers.

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Buying your first subscription is really worth it. You can explore new things after flying on solo for a time. I was really excited to play with others when I bought my first subscription and I’m still excited after being here for about 6 months.

  • You can meet new people from all over the world.
  • you can visit beautiful parts of the world that I can never visit in my life.
  • you can make a very realistic flight experience.
  • this game teaches you more about aviation!

I will also add: I love Infinite Flight because that is how I met some of the best people ever.
I’d say also start up an Infinite Flight Instagram account (not needed, but if wanted) and you can fly with others! That is how I met @mr_speedbird and he introduced me to VA’s and now I am here :)

Here is an exemple of what you can do with other people in the simulator :

It’s well worth it, it will take the game to a new level and at least you can cancel if you’re not getting much use for it whenever you like 👍🏻 I still subscribe but don’t fly as much as I did at the start because of work commitments 😣

Definitely worth it! I love IF and the community out there. You can make new friends there and fly with them all over the (virtual) world.

Plus, you can go to events and join squads like this:


I agree with @Patrick305. Events are a huge part of flying with Infinite Flight. Once you start attending events and joining a virtual airline, you’ll never turn back.

To answer your question about if your going to keep the airports: no you will not, you will go back to being limited with the green boxes. And as far as I know turkey is NOT included.

100% worth it!


lol this alone is just epic :)



(you give IF LLC money by doing it so they can invest in making the aircraft look AWESOME :)

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It’s 100% worth it. Once you make you first subscription you’ll se how much you loose when you don’t have it :)

This is me while I’m doing exams :/

Edit: Here comes the crusher of deers

Absolutely worth it. Every… single… penny 💰


Yes. You get so much more with IF pro.
You get access to every single plane
You get access to all areas and airports in the world
You get access to all new features in updates
You get access to 3 multiplayer servers (once you meet the requirements for them)

I highly recommend spending the $80 per year for it! It’s an investment you will not regret!

If you’re still indecisive I’d recommend you watch this video (I know it is a bit long).

I would definitely recommend buying it as multiplayer is such a cool feature especially flying with other people in events or friday night flights is amazing.

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Whenever you want to fly with someone, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Day to day, the forum and IF is getting better and more and more people are joining. Also, for now, we don’t jave enough domestic airliners and aircrafts from Turkey but due to increasing number of Turkish people, i guess we will have a great lobby :p

You can try one month, after purchase you can end subscription, it won’t prevent your 1 month subscription, it will just prevent renew. And you will be tried the game for one month.

Enjoy with Tailstrobed Turkish b739 and non-tail strobed! A321, A33f, b773 :)