Is Plane Spotting Legal?

Hello Community,

I have a question relating to plane spotting, if anyone would know, is it legal to plane spot in Qatar? I live in Doha, Qatar and enjoy plane spotting that I have done at other airports. I have tried to reach out to the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, however they did not reply, I have also read laws relating to planespotting, however I found nothing specific to taking pictures of aircraft. So my question is, is it alright for me to plane spot here in Qatar, and are there any plane spotters on this community that are aware of the laws in Qatar, who live here?

Marcus Rydlo


Should be fine. Don’t be shady and hide if law enforcement pulls up


Well I was once turned away at a Heathrow car park for plane spotting by a guard…

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As long as you don’t break the rules

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There’s been some stories (especially in UAE) regarding Planespotters “Spying” on their property (aircraft).

“Ultimately, you want to be in a comfortable situation when conducting a hobby, you don’t want to hide to take photos and be questioned by police. In Europe, the US, Australia and Japan they have designated areas and observation decks to take photos.”


Don’t be alone while spotting and always have fun. Don’t be scared to enjoy your hobby


Thanks for the replies, I have plane spotted here in the past, however I was a bit worried about it, so just needed to check up, see if I could post the pictures here, if it was legal to.


If you do spot we better some pictures ;)!


Alrighty! I’ll make sure to post some pictures! :)


People are prohibited to plane spot in military bases, especially U.S. bases. They would think you are a possible spy and you could get arrested.


Just make sure the place is appropriate and if authorities come don’t hide or run. Happy spotting


I don’t see why not


basically what everyone here is saying, just do you and don’t act shady around the authorities…

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I live in the UAE. I’m not allowed to go plane spotting?

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To clarify, if you stay on public property, you can film whatever you can see from public view. If this includes filming into the base, it’s completely legal.

Now, if you encroach on to base property, that would be a different story. This is all protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and while I can answer for the U.S. I am unable to speak about other country specific laws.

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Planespotting is not allowed in UAE. Read the article in this link. Spotting is at your own risk.


He probably hates plane spotters so…


luky i did not live there(Singapore is the best but this year i saw so many go arounds)

oh wait…They change the runway! Last year planes landed at north of singapore… Now south😩

Respect the boundaries and maintain a safe course near/on premises and that’s all that’s needed. Many airports actually offer freespace for taking pictures in some of their best location. The aviation community actually likes to see citizens admire their work. I know I do😊

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who? me…