Is Overediting really matter?

(Idk if this is the right category to fit this if not please move it and if this doesn’t make sense please close this or flag it) Anyway most people would tell someone photos #screenshots-and-videos (not #real-world-aviation:spotting) here were overedited so…is it a bad thing? Maybe sometimes overediting might be unrealistic, sometimes it makes Your Eyes Burn


Many people would prefer like less edited photos or make the photos look good


Or go Simple


So maybe overediting can be a sin sometimes there still good and still like them

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The thing is, most people already know their preferences for photo editing, so rarely does overediting really show up in #screenshots-and-videos.

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If you want to share it, share it! We’re all at different levels with our editing knowledge and what we think looks good and not so good. If you think you should share it on the forum share it. :)

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An experienced editor can make any type of editing look good.


deep frying a photo or extremely overediting it to the point of it seeming like it is unrecognizable is bad imo, everything else is fine


The forum has a mix of novice and experienced photo editors. You may see some with too much of something and some that look like works of professional art. Some are so good on angles you don’t need any filtering. The main power that drives advancement is inspiration. Someone sees a good shot, he tries to replicate it by messing around and experimenting with settings. Sooner or later he’ll be up there with the greats.

If you need any editing advice you can send me a DM ;)


I wanted to experiment with the limits of IFC editing a couple weeks ago. Apparently this much isn’t allowed:


I think it falls into this category but hey art is subjective


@GameBoy_KIRB just flag the topic instead of saying close it in the title

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Wellllll I mean when you can barely see the plane, that’s kinda what happens 😂


Each person has their own editing style. All we ask that folks do is follow the #screenshots-and-videos guidelines and not edit in things that you wouldn’t normally find in Infinite Flight, (ie. ground equipment, animals, aliens, fire, etc.)