Is Oshkosh worth it?

Is Oshkosh worth it? I was hoping to go this year with my dad but since we already have trips planned we’re thinking about going in 2024. I’ve been wanting to go for quite some time now. My dad isn’t a huge aviation fan but likes going with me and seeing me smile 😅 (sorry for the cringe). Anyways i’m mainly just looking for tips on the event. When to buy tickets? What airport I should fly into? Where would be a good hotel to stay in? What can I expect to see there? Things like that. If anyone has anything please let me know! Thanks!

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I can’t speak for a lot about the experience side of things, but you can find a lot of info on EAA’s website here:

It’s where you buy tickets too.


It’s 110% worth the visit


I smell bias lol. But fr it’s a great event for people who have a passion of aviation can meet up. See the rest of event details on Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel.

Airport depends on east or west, and what airline you fly.

Hotel, search for close, cheap hotels ASAP, because once demand gets higher, prices get higher

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There’s nothing bias about an airshow of this size. If you like planes, you’ll love Oshkosh.


Is that even a question?


No lol

I got my mom interested so she might taker me and my family this summer.

I’ve been going for 5 years straight now. Oshkosh is like no other! Definitely try and go some time. You get to explore various aircraft from big to small, old to new, learn about different aspect of aviation like home building and engines, explore future opportunity like universities and cadet programs. It’s not just an airshow. It really is much more.

I’m a camper so I often times camp at the airshow. But if you are flying in, start looking early. Hotels or airbnbs/other housing is expensive and goes away quick. There are several airports nearby, so might be cheaper than others. These include from my prospective cheapest to most expensive:

Chicago (MDW/ORD): 2h 30min drive
Milwaukee (MKE): 1 hour drive
Madison (MSN): 1 hour or so drive
Green Bay (GRB): 45 min drive
Appleton (ATW): 20 min drive

Lastly, it is a family event, not just an aviation event (which for people like me who fly and are set on seeing things in particular that other people just want to see but might not care about kinda sucks lol). So don’t be worried if a family member doesn’t want to go, they’ll have a blast as well.


The fun that comes along with Oshkosh and the amount of big airplanes from all genres of aviation make the airshow worth it!

The wealth of knowledge the older pilots have is also something to consider. Whenever I go to an airshow, I usually find the old planes with the old pilots, and I get a conversation going.


Me personally I have never been but I would absolutely love to go in the future! But judging by videos, I can safely assume it is an epic experience!


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Absolutely. Best week of my life and I’m not kidding about that. Worth every penny. Go.


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