Is OMDW open?

I noticed that only one runway of OMDW is in the TFR, so is OMDW open or not?

I wouldn’t play cards with it. Technically you spawn outside the TFR, but technically you take off from inside the TFR. I’d go a little further out. Helps the approach controller a lot

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Don’t do what I think you want to do. It’s not worth a ghost.

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Regardless, please do not fly between Qatar and UAE, it is not realistic as Qatari aircraft are not allowed in UAE airspace. For the sake of realism :)

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I wanted to depart from OMDW to do a flight test, the flight test will be done to the south so not in the TFR and then landing in Dubai. if it is not possible, patience! I wanted to take an empty airport to avoid waiting so long at OMDB.

As long as you’re not flying in or out of OMDB/OTHH, there shouldn’t be an issue

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