Is now the time to resubscribe?

Hey IFC,

I’m planning on resubscribing to IF PRO for bout 2 months. Is now the time to do that or should I wait for a couple weeks?

Please let me know your thoughts.


to be honest, everyday is a good time to subscribe to pro and support our awesome Dev Team so we also can expect nice updates as this one in the future :)


Hello Liam, Welcome to the IFC! Im my opinion, I would highly encourage you to buy a subscription now as the 757 rework has just been released


It won’t make a difference. 20.3 is the last and final major release of 2020, so you’re not going to get much more waiting 2 weeks.


Thanks everyone who has responded. (Sorry about late response).

I’ll aim to be up in the sky in 1 week 😁 😜.

See u out there

I guess you can as a Christmas present, you’ll be able to test the 777 and the 757 that recently got reworked, you’ll love those 2!

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You should definitely re sub to IF!

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I actually had IF Pro for te start of the beta test for the 777 but it will be great to fly it properly along with the 757.

Thanks everyone for the responses. I could “@“ you all but I figure I shouldn’t bother. See you in the skies soon 😁

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