Is North Korea Banned In IF?

I was wanting to see if North Korea was banned in IF? There is nothing on the map and no Pyongyang Airport.

I’m pretty sure it’s not banned, but I think they don’t publicly share the info and details needed to put together a proper airport in Infinite Flight

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You mean ZKPY? Its there :) See image below:


I guess there are some, but most North Korean airports don’t have gates

Nope you can fly there! GAF did huge operations out there. We had (not the GAF just random people) a few guys fly from there

That’s becsuse most of them aren’t edited yet 🙂

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You could always go there yourself and take notes… but the hard part would be getting back without being arrested (;


North Korea has been on my bucket list for a while - I almost had a chance to go but trip got canceled after the Otto Warmbier incident, the tour company canceled all American from going


Cause we ain’t chickens 😂


North Korea is not banned, as @Swiss has flown to it. Here is the link to the video

The reason it does not look like there is anything there is because it only has a handful of rather small airports they show up only when zoomed in a lot…

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When the replies become one line jokes about a country, its time to close. It was a legitimate question but people had to be funny.