Is new york to sydney possible on 787-9

Is it possible? im trying it rn and the game say i wont make it,do headwind affect ?


It absolutely is possible, given the plane is fully loaded with fuel, minimally loaded with passengers and cargo, as well as you flying at a conservative altitude and speed. Most of the time, cruising slightly lower and no faster than Mach 0.85 should be enough to get you to Sydney from New York.

Keep in mind that the B787-9 is a highly capable aircraft. The range is currently among the best in its class, after all.


Yes, Qantas even did this flight in 2019 for research purposes in real life. Just follow the tips by LordWizrak and you should be able to reach Sydney with enough fuel left. And don’t forget to do step-climbs. ;)


The game estimate also bases your capabilities on your current state. Once you get lighter over time you will burn less fuel and your range will increase. Just make sure you don’t go higher than your FL330 too soon to save fuel!


thansk for the help!

thanks a lot! but i cruise at FL330 tho

@BongAviation if you want to do the step climb, here’s the replay of that flight

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Where do you get these flight plans from? Curious because I always find it hard to get old flight plans.

A bit off topic, but how do you get all that info,including the route?

It’s a 19:33 flight according to Simbrief so if you take 0 pax or cargo you’ll make it with about 2 hours to spare, so you probably can’t load too much of anything (for reference, 90% pax and 75% cargo you will be 3.5 hours short).


The Infinite Flight 787 is a little more fuel hungry than the real thing because it cruises with a higher nose attitude than it should, meaning it burns more fuel to maintain the same speed and altitude (at least this has been my experience with flights/SimBrief profiles).

According to my Infinite Flight 787 profile on SimBrief, you’ll be short about 10,000 pounds of fuel unfortunately. You’re more than welcome to try it though haha

Edit: Just kidding, you’ll make it with fuel to spare, but you won’t do it “legally”. SimBrief factors in ETOPS, contingency, and extra fuel, meaning you have more than enough fuel to make the trip itself but don’t really give yourself any alternatives. Luckily IF doesn’t have emergencies lol


@NayanNair @Mayank_Pawar
This flightplan (QFA7879) information is from There are many real world flightplans available, especially for such special flights. You have to create an account to view them.
And by the way, if you create a flightplan on Simbrief, there is a button at the top of the route section which leads directly to the flightplans for the selected route on this website.


accually since fuel burn decreses over flight because your getting lighter, you can fly from the UK to New Zealand in a 787 with passengers a stuff

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Yes it is!! I did that flight with a Qantas 787-9 back in early January 2021. I didn’t fully load my plane up with fuel. so please please fill it right up to maximum since when i was nearly landing in Sydney it said “low fuel”.

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This right here 👇

just highlighting it in case anyone missed it; it’s important to remember this

Thanks! I have landed at Sydney with 5% fuel remaining


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