Is N1 accurate?

I can’t seem to get my plane to cruise at N1 75-85%, even at cruise speed. My trim settings are good and at cruising altitude, the plane cruises anywhere between N1 93% and N199%. The 75-85% appears to be too slow for the plane and the nose starts pitching up on A/P.

Use an aircraft for an example, and tell us what Mach you’re cruising at.

We need more information…

Let’s say for a Boeing 787-9, cruising at 0.85 M and at 38000 ft

The described issue is most likely initiated by cruising at the wrong altitude. The high weight at the beginning of a long haul flight requires a high N1 at high altitudes. When starting a long haul flight, your plane will be heavy and a lower cruising altitude is therefore needed (FL300-320). Then you step climb as the flight continues (fuel burn = less weight over time).

I’ll link a guide for step climbing:

Makes sense, this is great I’ll have a look. Thanks!

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