Is my plane ok?

I can’t share a video because such an upload is not authorized on Discourse, but I’m flying WIII-VIDP in an Air India A321 with 3 other UVAL pilots. All of us have A/P turned on, and with a 10 knot crosswind, our planes are swerving violently all over the place? Is this happening to anyone else?

This is not a support question

Hi there! It’s a known issue with the A321 rocking back and forth. What’s your speed?

Hey Asher. It’s at M.79, normal cruise speed for an A321. This has never happened in the 5 years I’ve been flying on Infinite Flight.

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Yeah it’s been an issue that occurs sometimes for a while. I believe it’s a tricky issue to fix but they are aware of it. The crosswind makes the aircraft want to violently turn back and forth to stay on course I think.

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It’s only 8 knots right now though. Bad physics if it’s making it do that. I’ve calibrated, so not sure what else to do. Jimmy in 24C wants a cup of soda so the quicker we can fix this the quicker he gets his soda.


I’ve had lots of issues w/ A321s in my time. Most are gone now

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