Is my floor meant to be like this?

What do you mean? The terrain looks like that if I’m not mistaken

Hi there! This is the scenery at this time. It looks better in the air than lower to the ground. As tech advances, they will most likely implement better close to ground scenery.

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Could you elaborate the issue you are having. Satellite imaginary looks like that at just now however at cruise altitude it looks spectacular, current mobile technology couldn’t handle anything like what you see with the likes of XPlane and MSFS as they are desktop sims.

Not sure if you mean the terrain rendering.

If you question is based on that, Infinite flight shows the world in HD 15 meter/pixel satellite, which can seem a bit blurry the lower you go, but at a standard cruising altitude of 35,000 it looks great

Additionally, there is a issue regarding the null orography at more than +/- 60º degrees from the equator, as the earth is processed as a cube internally. You can check more of this issue here


Unfortunately at this time, yes.

Please see highlighted post. Thanks @BinaryChess

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