Is my ATC Technique Correct?

Whenever I’m controlling at an Airport (in TS1), I try to maintain peace and order as much as possible while keeping it as realistic as possible. Lets use Palm Springs for example, with Main Runway 13R/31L and Smaller Runway 13L/31R. Generally, I use 31L for any aircraft from B737/A320 Size Upwards and I wouldn’t usually let an aircraft of this size or larger takeoff on 31R as it wouldn’t happen in real life. Also, I wouldn’t want any aircraft to takeoff from 13R and L because in Real Life I don’t think you would have Aircraft lining up at each end of an Active Runway.

It’s the same for Landing Aircraft, I would always try and move them into an Approach for the 31 Runways. So when someone wants to land or takeoff from the Opposite Runway or from a Runway I think wouldn’t be used in real life, what should I do. As Ground and Tower Controller, is it my decision to choose which runways are used and which aircraft are allowed to takeoff where? When I do instruct an aircraft to taxi to a different runway to the one they have chose it may change their FPL and often they just decide that my say is not important and taxi off to the runway they want. I don’t want to purposely cause problems for other pilots but I do want to keep it as realistic as possible and exercise some control!

Any tips anyone, am I right to continue with what I am doing or should I change to suit the pilot’s needs better


As a pilot they should plan there flight plan according to the active runway.
Also on ts1 not everyone will listen to you. As for some reason they have gone on a server with Atc only to ignore it.

  • You can use any runway you would like as a controller as long as you keep it realistic.
  • You really shouldn’t have aircraft takeoff and land in opposite directions (only at KASE). You can use opposite operations only when it isn’t busy.
  • Always try to use the green runways (headwind)

I always go for green runways if possible but for some reason certain pilots seem to want to use Red and Yellow Runways @AdamCallow Yeh that seems to be very apparent.

Here’s a Good Example at KLGB. The Guy at Runway 30 was told several times not to go there and go to 12 instead like everyone else. Then he ignored several hold short instructions, taxi instructions and “you’re not cleared to enter the runway” instructions. Then he took off into the path of departing traffic


Exactly the same happened to me earlier at EGBB. Everyone else followed instructions to taxi to 33 except one idiot who decided to go to 15. Despite numerous messages to follow instructions and taxi to 33 he went to 15 and promptly took off. I was hoping others on the frequency would report him so he would get ghosted but unfortunately they didn’t. Very frustrating when everyone else is prepared to follow instructions.

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@Aircraft19… Please keep in mind the Pilot in Command (POC) is the Decision Maker! Preflight includes the preparation of a Flight Plan that considers all factors to include launch Runways that may even be Red. Rwy of choice length is not a Controllers decision and until ATIS is reinstalled only a mind reader knows what flow control procedure a Controller chooses to imploy. I was recently operating out of PSP and was refused access to 31R repeatedly since the controller insisted everyone use 31L. I got tired sending “Correction” 31R and rolled to “my” choice. This was TS1, I would not do it on Expert in the same situation, I’d just quit the sortie and launch from an alternate. A know it all, lack of flex arrogance and a quick ghost when stressed and a lack of common sense are not the traits of a competent controller either here on IF or in the real world. Your Topic is valid, but remember Pilots make the final decision and they are not Houdini’s. Until ATIS is reinstalled and Controllers can designate flow, Rwy and procedure let Common Sense be your guide.
Nothing is anchored in concrete.


@Aircraft19… Your graphic example is routine operations on TS1 everybody just chocks it off as a FNG’s mistake. The solution to correct these Pilot Error’s are at your and all Pilots finger tips when you note a malcontent or fledgling violating. “REPORT USER”. 3 simultaneous reports = a 3 day Ghost! This type Ghost is never reversed.



Thanks for taking the time to write all of that. I’ll take into account all of your points next time I am controlling. I also agree that ATIS would be really useful, you mention that it has to be reinstated, why exactly was it removed in the first place? One more thing, every time I go to report someone who decides that a taxiway is a suitable runway, it just tells me my controller rating it too low? Why exactly is this and how do I raise my rating to be able to report players?

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There is always that one guy that wants to get out of the airport faster and you just have to ignore him, but you were right to use one end of the runway

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@Aircraft19. MaxSez: on ATIS see the archived Topic “Where’s ATIS”.
On improving your controller standings PM to @Brandon_Sandstrom.
He’s my duty expert when ever I’m stumped on ATC grading and IF procedure.


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