Is my approach method wrong?

My method of approach is to use to give me my cruise, start descend 125 NM out using a descend calculator whilst following to certain measures like 30,000 when 100NM out etc, I then activate APPR 27nm out, at 1,000 feet I manually butter, is there an easier way to do this?



Yes. Start by changing that to grease

Activating APPR 27nm out seems kind of far to me, but I never use it so what do I know

Only when I align with the runway basically.

I didn’t even think it was possible to tune the ILS freq. that far out. Also, I believe you may be starting your descent a little too early. 1000fpm is not a slow rate of descent, but it also isn’t the fastest either, depending on the plane you’re using.

Usually, when I’m approaching an airport, depending on if I’m making a straight in approach or right/left traffic entry, I will wait until I’m about 75-85nm out when I’m at about 32000 feet, and give myself about another 10nm or so for every 2000 feet above that.

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Remember, if you calculated your fuel correctly, you want to be as efficient as possible; descending fast is the best way to do that, so increasing your descent angle would be a good idea.

I use a calculator that tells me to descend at certain VS rates.

Gotcha. Those can be helpful at times, but you also have to keep in mind that IF is not the most hardcore simulation tool out there, and calculators like the one you mentioned take into account many more factors of the plane than are actually modeled in IF. But, if it works for you, who am I to tell you no?

it’s a simulator descend calculator

Does it specifically name Infinite Flight as a compatible simulation?

In my experience with those types of calculators, they are more often than not meant for simulators like X-Plane, or FSX even… which have their physics models defined a lot more in most cases…

It’s just a plain simulator good observation though! And thanks for the tips! Normally what I used to do is:

  1. Take The 3 zeros off my cruising altitude
  2. Multiple my number with 3
    3.Add 10
  3. Descend that NM out with a VS of -1800 ~ -2200.

I found APPR a way to do it precisely.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome. Normally I like to engage APPR at about 3500 AGL, just before I intercept the glideslope, and after I’m established on the ILS, at a speed of approximately 180 knots. Obviously, depending on the plane and weight, you might need to modify those numbers, but as a general catch-all, I think it’s a good starting point; if you can approach the airport so you meet those ^ numbers, you should be golden.

Thanks again!


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