Is motion sickness an issue to become a pilot?

Whenever I go on a long haul flight and sleep I have motion sickness unless I take a motion sickness tablet. I have a question does this get in the way of becoming a pilot and would motion sickness pills be allowed?

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I can’t imagine it would be much of a problem, but then if the pilot began throwing up halfway through the flight cause he had forgotten his tablets I’m not sure the airline would be that impressed


The Co pilot could go in control if the Captain gets sick, or the other way around.


Well it wasn’t brought up in my medical or anything but it could make ya job a little hard haha. Bit like the pilot who’s afraid of heights 😏


You would need to declare it in the medical and the AME would have to be satisfied that it was not an issue and could go ahead to approve your class 1. Even if you get that hurdle I am sure any airline would be concerned about this and want some assurance it wouldn’t affect your work and you wouldn’t regularly be falling in halve way through flights.

Pretty sure most of those tablets are not faa approved (at least they weren’t when I used to take them back in the day) for pilots.

I’d say start slow. Start flying early am or late evening when air tends to be the smoothest and then work you way up. Your stomach just needs to “harden up” and you should be good to go :)


Speaking of curing your motion sickness, maybe you don’t fly often enough? When I was a child I use to get sick every time I flew or went in a road trip. Over time, I just got sick less and less and it’s been years since I’ve gotten motion sickness. As @Erj145 said, maybe you just need to toughen up your stomach :)


Fly more. I used to get sick all the time. Now I don’t. Just fly some more


Doesn’t Motion Sickness tablets make you tired?
It’s not good to be tired when flying a plane.

Might want to check that mate

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Thanks! That’s what happens when you’re tired. :p


haha no worries. Im glad youre not flying a plane


Well if you are sick, how do you land a plane if you are dizzy and tired?

you dont. thats the point.


im afraid of heights yet stil am a pilot, i know its strange

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but yes harden your stomach, especially if you fly where its hot and theirs a lot of updrafts. ive been flying since i was 6 months old and have only felt sick once or twice.

haha I can sorta relate to that. I hate heights up tall buildings because I dont trust the engineers who built it but the physics of flight tend to be pretty solid so im all good flying

exactly how i am. i like controlling things and being in a tall building is something i dont trust

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One of the great legends in aviation, Bob Hoover, famously had motion sickness when he started flying. He taught himself to fly as smooth as possible and he got over it and went on to a great career in the military, test flying, and air shows.


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