Is mathematics important for becoming a pilot?

Is mathematics important for becoming a pilot? I’m not the best at maths and struggle. I would like an answer from someone who is a pilot.

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Yes it is important because you need to calculate the amount of fuel you need to get to your destination. :)


What kind of mathematics is needed? The basics or advanced?

I’m guessing advanced maths. Maybe asks @Heavydriver or some other pilots we have here

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From what I’ve been told so far Maths and Physics are important and can help you when applying for pilot training. I’ve been advised to chose either maths and/or physics as one of my subjects in college, so I went with maths. It’s not essential though, just a recommendation (from what I’ve been advised)

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Ask @Aernout he know a whole ton.

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Maths very overrated in flying, especialy on the new generation of jets which fly by computers and those computers calculate everything for you so don’t worry at all about it.

During the flight training you will get all kind of scenarios and difficult questions but you can use a calculator.

When you fly in an airline all this will never be used…


Thought that Mental Arithmetic would be of big advantage? Useful when having to “box the compass”, calculate (or check) TOD etc? or is that something more used at GA / Ab Into level and rarely used ‘on the line’?

Phew… good to hear that.

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That’s the thing now days. It’s pretty much no pilots but computers.

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Aernout know his stuff he pilots the super.

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What about physics?

I really want to be a pilot and it’s the one subject I suck at…

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Its all very basic, just check what airlines require and work hard at school as it never hurts and you better graduate with a level higher then the requirements then lower…


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