Is LYBE under 3D construction?

Hello, IFAET.
I just wanna know if LYBE is under 3D construction ?
Here are some picture of the IRL Construction.

New Runway will open the February 23th


Looks like quite a cool and largescale expansion project for the airport! I look forward to its completion!

As for the airport’s status in Infinite Flight, it hasn’t been confirmed by any editor yet that it is being worked on. I imagine for an expansion of this size, it would be a safe idea to wait until near completion of this project before starting or announcing any work.


Thanks you for the response. I hope that the airport construction will end soon and the construction will start on IF :)
Thanks you

What about LROP

Re-read Ecoops’ answer just apply it to LROP.

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Exactly, me being an editor from Belgrade i would really really like starting work on LYBE but sadly i think it would be the smartest thing to wait until the construction is done.

Yeah, I joined IFAET a few weeks, and I want to build LYBE but yeah lets wait for the end…

Oh nice to hear, maybe we can do it together one day :)

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Yeah but I need to finish my first airport 💀

Me too honestly, taken a pause for some time while i get my sub going and then im back. It is nearly done tho

Lets go to talk in discord because here is not our place 😭

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Yes of course!

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