Is long haul safe?

Hi everyone,

I’m not that new, been playing IF since late 2016, but I didn’t play much then and only did short haul flights.

But I’ve decided to look into long haul and try to start it.

So I have an iPhone 6 that I use for IF, and it’s battery dies very quickly, like 1 percent every 1 minute.

I’ve heard of people doing long haul without a charger, and going to sleep with their brightness low down.

But I want to do this with a charger plugged in due to my battery disease on my phone. And because phones get quite hot when they are playing IF with a charger, so might my phone set on fire, especially if it’s a 6 and will be on for a while?

I would appreciate if people could tell me tips on how to prevent this or if it’s true or not, cheers guys.


Safe is relative in this situation. There are proactive steps that you can take to help reduce battery usage such as:

  • Limiting Frame Rate
  • Lowering your screen brightness to a minimum
  • Keeping the device away from furniture like couches and bed to help dissipate heat (excess heat decreases performance and can lead to apps closing)
  • Lower the graphics
  • Minimize your volume

Utilizing a charger over night should be okay with the steps mentioned.


For long haul on a phone you should do everything you can to conserve batter and reduce the chances of your device crashing. Perhaps restarting it, and closing apps you don’t need may help. For long haul it’s advised to keep your device charged.

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I would highly suggest doing a, long haul with a charger plugged in, since it is unknown how long your battery will be able to last.

Good luck if so!

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Well, I don’t think that your phone will get that hot to the point that our phone will catch on fire. Definitely keep your phone into a charger, and put all the settings on low.

It depends on the device, I have a new iPad mini 4 so I can do a long haul with high graphics and high everything. But if your phone/iPad is older, I recommend lower settings.


If your phone get hots and your worried about it, get a fan and put your phone in front of it to keep it cool. I’ve done it before when my phone gets hot.

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My answer is: No!

My arguments are: Battery, heating, screenburn, accidental touches, oversleeping etc.

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There are many ways to solve your problems

  1. Battery: Plug it in
  2. Heating : Use the fan
  3. Screenburn, lower the brightness (it’s not too common)
  4. Accidental touches: turn the interface timeout on, adds a layer of protection
  5. Oversleeping, well that your problem XD

“Safe” as in your mobile device catching fire or scary things like that - I think you’ve got your answers. You’re fine.

But “safe” as in violations…that’s another story. I believe most system violations in IF, were received during long haul flights. This forum contains numerous threads of people who crashed during a long haul, and ending up with many violations, lower grade, sad face, etc. And the answer has always been the same: step-climbing.

So, be wise when you do your long haul. And plan it well.
And…good night.


I have a 6s and doing long hauls work perfectly well for me just do everything that people have said

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Thank you for the tips everyone. Rightnow I am flying from Dubai to Amsterdam, my first long haul flight on IF, no problems except I have to divert to Istanbul because I’ve almost ran out of fuel… oh well! Does anyone know how I can calculate how much fuel I need? I usually use simBrief but so far it has been quite unreliable.
Thanks all.

I use Simbrief/FPLtoIF all the time without fuel issues.
What speed and VS? Aircraft?

I know it may not necessarily be the best answer, but I would upgrade to a newer phone. The iPhone 6 and 6S are known to have battery issues. Even if you don’t buy the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, you can invest in at least a cheaper 8 or XR, both of which have better batteries than your current 6.

KLM 777-300ER, expert server and diverting now to LTFM.

What speed are you at in cruise?
Power setting/N1 in cruise?
And your weight settings? Passengers, cargo

I do long haul flight all the time but I use an iPad. I leave it on the charger and it never gets warm. I always keep the volume off and brightness all the way down, until I’m ready to land. Whenever I play on my phone it gets super hot. I don’t usually play on my phone because it’s my phone I get texts, calls, emails etc. I don’t want it to disrupts my long flight.

I do long-hauls on a 7. It is a bit hot once I land but definitely no fire. Just keep away from flammable materials and if you’re uncomfortable feel free to end the flight.

I do all of my flights on my iPad Mini 4 (including long hauls). It works very well and never gets hot with highest graphics, but it’s kind of new, I got it early April.

I’ll get back to you all on this once I test it. For all of you that have water resistant/proof devices (i.e S7, S8, S9, S10, iPhone 7/8/X/XS/11) an option to cool your phone during flights is to get a container of cool water and put your phone in it. You wont be able to charge it unless you own a wireless pad but it should keep it cool. Like I said I will get back to anyone who has questions after I test it.