Is Logitech Extreme 3D Pro the best?

After a while of flying on Infinite Flight I’m thinking of building some kind of setup. Is Logitech Extreme 3D Pro the best for IF? Are there any compatible quadrants? (All must be macOS compatible)

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Okay, I’ll change

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I’ve personally used this joystick and for the price point, it is very good. It has a throttle quadrant built into it (albeit very small).

However, I’d also consider getting the T16000M (just search it up). It’s a little bit more expensive but from the comparisons, it’s much better. Thrustmaster also have a throttle quadrant built specifically for use with this joystick. Members of the community have said that it works with Infinite Flight so you’ll be able to use it just fine. :)

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But is the Thrustmaster one macOS compatible?

It looks like it is. If you’re ordering from Amazon, you’ll be able to return should it not work it as they are very good with their return policy from personal and the experiece of others.

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I think it’s a lil bit too expensive

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