Is LiveFlight better with a Keyboard or Joystick?

I want your opinions if LiveFlight is better with a Joystick or a Keyboard, if a Joystick, please tell me what type of Joystick to buy along with the other bits and bobs that I need. Apart from LiveFlight.

EDIT: Looking for something not too expensive

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Just gets thrustmaster t flight hotas it NASA throttle and joystick and buttons


Definitely joystick, much easier to control! The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is pretty good.

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Does the throttle handle actually configure to work with the LiveFlight - Infinite Flight Liam?

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Get a joystick. The Thrustmaster T flight HOTAS is quite cheap and good.

Works pretty much out of the box with LF connect, you just need to configure all the buttons in app. Takes about 2 mins.


Trying to fight over the bids on Ebay right now. Someone find me an instant cheap deal please. Hopefully under 19 pounds lol

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You’ll struggle to get that low on a BIN. If all else fails, £30 from amazon-

Good luck ;)


Cheers, current bid I’ve got going has a total of 15 pounds 60 including delivery.


If we ever meet up in Bangkok sometime , i will give you my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas x joystick free of charge , as i have no use for it anymore. ;)


Haha Of Course, I’ll message you over where I’ll be staying late July matey.

I go back down to CPT on the 13th July , so just let me know in good time ;)

I’m to Thailand on July 23rd for the summer.

You told me you go to Thailand late July anyway over DC. Mind changed then? Haha.

Will PM you to keep this thread on topic ;)

Of course, these Joysticks look mad.

Get the joystick, it is SO much better than a keyboard.

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