Is LiveFlight App Broken?

Hello, currently im making a flight from MMMX Mexico City to LLBG Tel Aviv, and im not home, so i left my device charging wile i make the flight, so everything was right untill 20 mins ago, everything was running fine, telling me i have about 5500nm left, but about 20 mins ago it suddenly added some 4000nm more, so now im not arriving at 7am CT (according to the liveflight), it tells me im arriving at 1pm CT… Is the IF software wrong, is LiveFlighte wrong? Please help…

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So, IF has added 4000nm onto your flight or LiveFlight. Not sure what you meant. If IF did it then it should in #support, but if LiveFlight added 4000nm then you might wanna take this up with Cameron (LiveFlight Creator.

Good Luck!

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nono, like if the IF sensor is broken? or LiveFlight is broken?

Liveflight is probably glitching you should be fine

okay, thank you for the message, it calms me down…

Ok, so your saying that LIVEFLIGHT has added 4000nm miles to your flight. If it has then it shouldn’t be problem for your flight since LiveFlight has (obviously) made a mistake.

Maybe DM Cameron about it, since its a problem with LiveFlight

yes! im gonna do that rn, thank you!

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All good. At least you’re not worried now!

exactly, i just contacted cameron

:/ it just added 500 more nautical miles… now ill land 1:30

It does that when it mixes your current flightplan with your previous one OR it miscalculates the coordinates of the points. Trust me, from Dallas to Hong Kong, said my routing was 15,000 nm over the South Pole when it really was 7,500 nm over the North Pole. landed on time

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lol, thank you for the advice

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