Is live worth it?

So I’ve had infinite flight since 2012 or 2013 and I’m wondering if you think live is worth it and if I should get it. The main reason is that I’ve heard that you start of and can only fly small planes and have to work your way up. I read that this is to separate ametures and experienced pilots. But the thing is I now a lot and I mean a lot about ATC and almost everything. Also I need to know if you can use iTunes gift cards to pay for live.

P.S I’m kind of new to the forums so if I mess something up please help me

Thank you😀


Yes it is.


Buy a month of live and test it out :) It is highly worth it in my opinion


Cool beans. I’ll do that. One question. Can I use an iTunes card for live?

iTunes gift cards can be used to pay live, it’s totally worth it and the whole working your way up part is boring at first when on free flight but on playground it’s 10 times better!

Thanks for the help😀!

It’s absolutely worth it …

Poll time!

  • Live is totally worth it.
  • Meh
  • Live SUCKS

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Thanks for the help guys!!😀😀😄

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From my own knowledge, you can fly whatever planes you want, you just need to find a big enough airport.

Honestly, it takes about 2 hours of flying max to get the standing you need,

Good luck :)

  1. You can fly every aircraft you want, even as a beginner.
  2. You can reach 100% standing with a couple of flights. When I’ve started flying in Live it took me only a few hours to reach the maximum standing.
  3. You can earn up to about 3.500 XP in an hour (10.000 needed for the access to Advanced server).

Live is absolutely worth it.

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Let me break it down to you like this

The three important steps that defined my life to what it is right now were

  • visiting school and get some kind of education
  • meeting a girl and keep her
  • getting a live+ subscription

Live is good but get live+ (year long subscription) you will NOT regret it one bit :)


Thanks guys😀😀

100% yes! Just be aware that on playground there are some trouble makers.

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I just renewed my love last Friday after being gone for 5 months. Let’s just say I haven’t been happier to be back lol.


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I don’t like spending money online, especially knowing the potential risk of rip-offs. When Live first came out, I decided to buy the monthly subscription. In all honesty, I was still iffy about it for months. Live was certainly not as stable as it is today. Connection loss was frequent, server crashes, only Unicom for ATC. The only advantage was the fact that you could fly with others using Unicom.

In the end I was satisfied and got myself a yearly subscription. It expires in March but I’m not even hesitant to buying another year! Just think about it; Before April we didn’t have a human ATC interface, crappy sound modelling, Hawaii or Singapore/Kuala Lumpur, Customisable dock, ForeFlight support, fog rendering, auto land, ground effect, A320 series, or the awesome airport markings. Not to mention the incredible work the airport editing team has set forth creating amazingly realistic airport layouts.

The key ingredient to keeping customers tuned in when it comes to software is new features. People want new things, and the fanbase continues to grow everyday as Matt & Philippe code up something amazing every few months. Looking back from a year until today, a LOT has changed for the better, and I have no doubt the developers are cooking up nifty things this year, and for years to come.