Is Live down for anyone else right now?

Hey guys

I’m not connected to Live. I’m on a flight and it’s still letting me fly, but I’m not connected to Live. Global, weather, API, etc are still connected and I’m still flying. I wasn’t ghosted and I don’t have any violations. This is odd.

Is Live working for everyone else?

It’s working for me just fine. 😁. Try restarting your iPad or unplugging and replugging your wifi router.

I’ll try the router thing. I don’t necessarily want to quit my flight. I’ll do that as a last resort. Thanks for the idea!

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I’m fine here. From the looks and sounds of what your having, it’s completely your connection side.

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I wouldn’t want to either. When you unplug your router, wait about 10-20 seconds and plug it back in again. It will take about a minute also for you to get internet again one you plug it in.

Will do 👍

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You probably had some sort of notification or other alert (like a call, facetime, etc.) that interrupted your flight and disconnected you from the server. While it wasn’t long enough to cause an app crash, it was likely long enough to disconnect you from the server and not let you back in until you finish your flight.

Now that I remember, I did have a phone call on my phone that probably connected to my iPad for a few minutes. It should have dropped on my iPad though.

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It was probably the phone call. I’ll end my flight and start a new one to see if that was it.

Yeah, this happened to me once too. If you get a phone call (even if you don’t answer it) that rings for about a minute, it’ll disconnect you from the server and you can’t get back in. Usually I find the best solution is to put your device on “do not disturb” while flying.

I’ll try that. Thanks! I remembered, I also got a low battery notification.