Is LAX the hub tomorrow

is LAX going to be the hub for tomorrow, Tuesday?

Yep! Seattle (KSEA) and Los Angeles (KLAX) are both hubs for tomorrow.

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Expect to see tons of people at LAX then any other airport featured. It’s an Infinite Flight Stereotype 😂


Enroute to KLAX from URSS (Sochi), it’s not a RL route I see it as an adventurous charter flight to make it more interesting 😁✈️

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If LAX is in the schedule, expect it to be the hub, always.


An then goes SFO, and then goes the SFO-LAX route. Pretty sad tbh :(

Oh my god there will be at least 75 people flying that route tomorrow 😂

So LAX,SFO and Seattle are all hubs?

Yup, that’s what it looks like. I’m getting training server flashbacks 😂


I was supposed to fly to KSEA to avoid KLAX but I was advised by a fellow IFATC member to fly to KLAX if I want to have full coverage of ATC.
It’s gonna be pretty intense when it opens for sure!
KSEA, KSFO and KLAX are close in promixity

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LAX in a nutshell

All the pilots coming:

The amount of arrivals on the arrival list:

The air traffic controllers:
giphy (1)


Don’t worry. IFATC has it under control

I don’t see LAS mentioned here 🥲 Lets try to fly to all featured airports!

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Looking at it right now it’s not too bad but the numbers will go up in the next 12 hrs, calm before the storm, & I remain hopeful I will arrive before the storm begins

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Yeah. Let’s not forget about PANC or KPHX ;)


I’m planning to fly from Anchorage, locally then back again… I hope ATC will be able to cover it and Los Angeles doesn’t steal all the action.

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Fun! What a great flight! I’m sure there will be IFATC there at some point today :)

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Well I have to think of somewhere within an hour or so to go to… Was thinking about using the Dash 8…hmmm, no autoland, could be windy, embarrassing if I can’t land it properly 🤔

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