Hey IFC ! I was looking at the ATC schedule for July and I was wondering, is KSNA a 3D airport ? I would really like to know because I am planning to fly there .😁

No, unfortunately it is not currently a 3D airport. However, you can make the suggestion here at IFC so that some publisher will be interested (in case it is not in the pipeline) and make it 3D.

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Ok thanks but in which category do I make this suggestion ?

Airport Editors, for the vast majority do not take requests.
Therefore there is no place to make a request.

However as KSNA is quite an important airport in the US, so there is a high chance that it is in progress. I’m not saying it is, I’m saying there’s a high chance.

And don’t worry, all airports will end up being 3D.


I can’t wait for the day where all airports around the world will be 3D in IF 🙂

Also I had a question for airport editors . Why do you sometimes work on very small GA Airfield when major hubs in the US are still not 3D ( KORD, KDFW, KIAH, etc .) ?

All of those are currently in the works.

IFAET editors are not allowed to work on massive airports like that immediately upon joining. They have to work on small airports first to grasp the concept of editing. Also, they’re easier and faster to complete.

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When someone joins as an editor they cannot directly work on major hubs, they have to work on smaller airports first. so that could be the reason

Ohh okay that explains it .