Is Jet2 VA Still active?

Hello, just wondering if this VA is still active. I’m looking for a VA to make and I’m quite interested in this one.


Shut down about 8 weeks ago as I recall.


Looking at my research… no but i’m sure @LordZakCreaser could possibly help you out.

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Yeah I was COO of Jet2 Virtual it closed down in December 🙌

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Ah ok! Thanks for letting me know! We do need a Jet2 VA for sure and I’ll see if me and my friend can get this airline running!

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It is not active anymore sadly after it closed down @RickysAviationYT

However I have decided to start a new project for Jet 2 Virtual to take it forward yesterday.

I can see you are a member of Jet 2 on its discord platform.

So if you like to help to bring back Jet 2 Virtual where it belongs, I’d love to hear from you!


Ay up mate! Would you like to work with me and my friend on the project! We are really keen on working on it!

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Drop me a message


Have responded to your message as well @RickysAviationYT

Hope to hear from you in PMs🙏

Please don’t post in this inactive thread. Also, i know a friend who already is making a Egypt Air Virtual just letting you know.

@RickysAviationYT is I think

ah damnn what VA can i make?

what about Latam?

They are banned, so you can make them with a different name. The last two, New Latin and Fly Global shut down. @Oregon001 @RickysAviationYT is making Azul Virtual, he told me in a DM.

Oh I see, thanks.

You could make Netjets but with a different name

Canton, can you please speak to me on doscord? it is:


Hey there, I am now working on Jet2 with @CaptainCameronYT

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Hey there!

Thanks for reaching out! As others have mentioned before me, Jet2 Virtual is closed.

I would recommend for future occurrences, checking the IFVARB (Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regularity Board) VA/VO Database. >>> VA/VO Database >>> airline name, type, CEO filter, etc.

In regards to this comment, if you are wishing to start a new, Jet2 Virtual, I would highly recommend checking out the ’Creating a Virtual Airline/Organization’ before continuing your process.

  1. >>> 2) ’What is needed before you apply.’ >>> 3) “Application Basics”

The reason I am mentioning this is because you might end up developing something that is not within the guidelines of creating a VA/VO, or a specific restriction for the desired airline. I would also recommend making a reservation soon, so you can solidify your wish to create a Jet2 Virtual, so others do not beat you to it. This will also benefit your team in the long run since you will be assigned to an Admin, with a review team that will guide you through the process. As someone who has gone through this process and managed a VA, it is probably best to do it sooner rather than later, assuming you are already beginning to build the VA. I would also recommend not rushing this process, and rather take the time to perfect the aspects of your VA. Hope this sheds some light on this topic.

This website is updated 24/7 and is maintained by the governing body of the VA/VO community. I would also recommend to both of you, if you have any further questions, I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to the @IFVARB Admin Team. I also have an open-door policy, so feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any queries and I will be happy to answer them! I have a lot of experience in the VA community (if I would say so myself), so feel free to reach out!

Hope this helps out. Have a nice evening.

Im sorry but why are you doing this?
Arent you meant to be part of my Jet2 Virtual team?